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Gems Beauty Lab

Laboratory specialized in the innovation and development of formulas

that improve the skin by correcting the signs of aging.

‘Dreams come true’

This phrase that we have read so many times fits perfectly with what Gemma felt when she started the Gems Beauty Lab venture. Because talking about GBL is talking about Gemma’s world.

Gemma Prudencio Sancho, has a degree from the University of Barcelona in Pharmacy and Cosmetology. Her concern for beauty and passion for skin care was born in her adolescence, being strengthened by her experiences, both personal and professional, specializing in health and beauty therapies complementary to her Pharmacy studies, in order to design a style of life BEAUTYLIFE.

Today, with more than 20 years of experience, she has developed formulas for professionals in the health and beauty of the skin, has participated in the development of products for recognized brands in the sector and is a mentor in cosmeceutical formulations for Doctors and Surgeons.
of international prestige.

This is how, in a logical response to his personal and professional concerns, in 2016, he founded Gems Beauty Lab.
From where Gemma brings its most innovative formulations to the market, while evolving its formulas already recognized with various awards in different editions of the IDERMO INTERNATIONAL AWARDS.

In September 2020, Gems Beauty Lab has been recognized in the TU SALUD Awards, as the best laboratory for Innovation and Cosmetic Quality.


The ‘G’ footprint

Promote human quality through the quality of products.
Help both the prescriber and the consumer, with effective results.
Strengthen consumer loyalty with individualized advice.


“We are R&D”
(Research and development)
Offer the consumer products with high quality active ingredients that allow us to create highly effective formulations.

“Save the planet”
Always seek the maximum environmental sustainability in the entire process of production and marketing of products “

“Shopping experience”

Locate our “G” products at the points of sale, where professionals advise in a personalized way.



Dermatologists, Medical-aesthetic and Plastic Surgeons, with the aim of accelerating and activating their medical techniques.

Comprehensive beauty centers.



Through a personalized diagnosis with Gemma, both in physical stores and online.

Beauty Lab Experince


BoutiquesGemmas Dream

Consumers get their personalized diagnosis directly with Gemma, following her method, both in physical stores and online.

Where all the products are distributed and all the treatments necessary to feel good inside and out are experienced.

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