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"Gemma's cosmeceuticals help in all our interventions, as it makes therecovery of the skin is much better. The concentrated and effective active ingredients and the texture of the products make patients feelfall in love with the formulas by staying true to the brand. The improvement in the skin is very considerable"
Alicia Verdugo
Founder and Medical Director of Visioncore
"Since I started using the G Gemma’s Dream product line, my skin feels luminous, shiny, elastic. I have quite sensitive skin, and even so I have not had any reaction, on the contrary it seems that these products are made for me. I especially recommend the Antiox Revital ampoules, and the Instant beauty."
Marga De La Fuente
Ceo of Patenbox International
“I have had a very pleasant experience with Gemma's formulas. Especially with serums, they are very effective and have a very good value for money. I love the way Gemma cares, she is very motivating and enthusiastic. I recommend your Method to all my friends.”
Raquel Benavente
“Gemma products are already part of my life, from the first application that my skin has noticed. I am fascinated thanks to the advice of Gemma, who advises and motivates me, transmitting a lot of confidence.”
Isabel Holgado
Nutritionist and Manager of the Natural Window
“Gemma's G method has stopped me from consuming the premium perfume brands I was loyal to, spending a lot of money. Thanks to Gemma's advice on social networks, I have improved a lot both emotionally and in the treatment of my skin, already convincing my whole family to use them.”
Fran Marcella
Consumers demanding good products from the market
“The skin when putting on makeup, must be taken care of twice. With Gemma's formulas, we have achieved in the beauty center that clients wear divine makeup and at the same time maintain healthy and beautiful skin when they decide to go without makeup. They are delighted with these doses of youth”.
Yolanda Esteve
Director of Aesthetics at Cebado Borí.
“I was given an intervention at the Barraquer Clinic and Gemma's products were recommended for the postoperative period. I have tried them and I really liked them, especially the serum. I love its fragrance, hydration power and ease of application compared to other products on the market.”.
Ana Palencia
Communication Director- Unilever
“Gemma Prudencio is a recognized professional in cosmetics who, with enthusiasm and knowledge, helps cosmetics to be in continuous advance”.
Dr. Jorge Planas
Clínica Planas
"I like the Gemma line of cosmetic products both for the active ingredients it combines and for its pleasant texture that adapts to the skin”.
Dr. Natalia Ribé
Institut Dra. Natalia Ribé
“The passage of time and its effects on the face lead to changes from youth, which become visible at some point in life. The peri-ocular area is perhaps the first to show this loss of elasticity, excess skin and the appearance of fat bags, which changes the person's expression towards tired and sad faces. Blepharoplasty surgery achieves, in these cases, excellent results, and radically changes the expression of patients. But nothing would be understood in this process without the help of cosmeceutical. Good cosmetic products can slow down and modify the passage of time for our skin. And it is also an essential adjunct after peri-ocular and facial cosmetic surgery. Therefore, a professional, appropriate and first-rate formulation is essential. For a long time we have collaborated, in this sense, with the good work of Gemma Prudencio, who provides us with a range of reference products in this field, with excellent quality and results.”
Dr. Gorka Martínez
Médico Óculo plástico - Clínica Barraquer
"Gemma Prudencio is a person who was born to create and develop products for the cosmetology field, as she brings together the work capacity and the intuition necessary to foresee what will be necessary in this field for the future. Always based on experience and observation of its effectiveness for the best results."
Dr. José Luis Cisneros Vela
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